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First edition SUPER SOAKERZ

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June 22th TWIST&SHOUT will host their own party at Cafe Chagall Roosendaal! It is the first edition of SUPER SOAKERZ! More editions will follow soon!

TWIST&SHOUT Confirmed for Daydream Festival


Awesome! On April 13th we will play on Daydream Festival! Our set time is from 14:00 till 18:00 and together with DJ Mitch Vice we will rock the Pepsi Stage.

TWIST&SHOUT will return to Italy

Great news! After the tour we did last year through Italy it has just been confirmed that we will return this spring! In May TWIST&SHOUT will play several venues in the Jesolo region. Venue & date still to be confirmed!

TWIST&SHOUT Releases Mini Mash-up Pack

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Today we released a mini mash-up pack! It contains some of the mash-ups we made in 2012 and thought it would be cool to share them with you! You can download them on our Facebook page!

After summer update

After being 2.5 weeks back in Holland we realized how great our summertour was! We played around 50 gigs in two months and it was awesome! For now we want to thank everybody that made our amazing summertour possible! Special thanks go to Mitch van Deursen, Camping Events, Tjau! Tours, Giacomo, SoundBeach, T&F Camps, Het Geveltje…..