After summer update

After being 2.5 weeks back in Holland we realized how great our summertour was! We played around 50 gigs in two months and it was awesome!

For now we want to thank everybody that made our amazing summertour possible! Special thanks go to Mitch van Deursen, Camping Events, Tjau! Tours, Giacomo, SoundBeach, T&F Camps, Het Geveltje Schagen, Jolly Roger Partycruise, Frans Beijaard, Jos Koekkoek, the TWIST&SHOUT Promoteam (Suuz, Janien, Kathy, Es, Char, Anne & Myrle), DJ Mitch Vice, Vodka Lemon & Long Island and of course all the partypeople!

The aftermovie of our summertour is coming very soon so keep an eye out for that! The link for the aftermovie will appear on Facebook, Twitter and our website ( Be sure to watch it! At the moment we are working on some new and exciting projects. You’ll hear soon about it! Coming month you can find us in different venues in the country so check out our schedule on the website.


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